Airbnb, without the B&B

VeryUs is building the bridge between traditional vacation rentals and the sharing economy, by helping vacation property management companies increase yield margins while solving low occupancy rates so travelers can split the cost of renting vacation homes together. Or, they can still be brave and go with family.

As the sharing economy has risen around the world and been quickly adopted, VeryUs has been developed for both the manager and traveler in mind. Born out of the need to go on vacation without friends who tend to overcommit and end up backing out of trips anyway, the idea of sharing personal space in exchange for a transaction was created.

Because property mangers are forced into hit or miss reservations, we decided to build a way for budget-conscious travelers the ability to afford luxury vacation properties without having to round up their friends like cattle who usually end up playing the role of banker while still covering the original reservation value for property managers to accept partial bookings.