Seize Your Best Moment By Framing Your Style

Seize Your Best Moment By Framing Your Style

Making other people's priorities your own for reconnecting


I decided to make family photos a priority this year because of how important it was for capturing life’s precious moments. But I also was reconnected again with Ryan Droze who is a professional photographer, an amazing person and old friend. Seriously, have a look at his work…because if it wasn’t for Sari this whole time, we would have no family archive at all.

So I decided that something nice for her was in order with a surprise photo shoot last weekend. Although it was humid as all get out, we were able to capture some precious moments (except the pics of me wiping the sweat off my face with a diaper…don’t worry I’m fairly certain it was clean).

The other day I wrote a post about helping others and the importance of putting people before yourself. It talked about people always trying to sell themselves instead of giving yourself up for someone else’s ambition and purpose. That’s been my new style to live by, in a lesson that I am following now.

Whether it be general emails or text messages throughout the day, when someone asks me my opinion on something that is important to them, I drop everything I am doing at that moment to answer no matter what. If it means that much to someone else, it means even more to me to help them out. Putting the importance of the simplest things like photos for someone else, gave back in the form of old friendship while also keeping our family history going.

That’s my new style. How will you frame yours?